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Based in Switzerland, FILIPE SANTOS also known as LYAM CRUZ for open format music and BLACKBEARD for electronica/underground music, creates an electric atmosphere at any venue or for any occasion. FILIPE has worked alongside leading DJs and musicians, including singers, saxophonists, violinists, bongo and guitar players. At the age of 4 - in 1993 - he started playing the drums. After it, still a child, he mixed in 1997/1998 his first mixtapes - on cassette! He picked his favorite tracks on MTV and recorded them directly with one cassette recorder by his parents, linked to the TV. The DJ was born with just 8 years - sure, actually he didn't know that was a Job. In the year of 2007 his career finally began to take off as an DJ by visiting clubs.

Open Format DJing requires reading a crowd and adjusting the music style to suit the clients and the occasion. FILIPE SANTOS prides himself as LYAM CRUZ in being able to play music of any genre, from all time Classics to present day House and Urban, fluently transitioning between them to maintain the energy of the party.

Although the majority of his work is across the length of Switzerland, working at venues of all status around the world like Spain, Egypt, the Dominican Republic and Germany, FILIPE SANTOS has enjoyed playing at venues worldwide. 

Throughout the winter months, FILIPE SANTOS resides in Lucerne or the Swiss alps in Zermatt, entertaining partygoers of Switzerland. The best mix of all time classics, todays charts, urban music and the basis of electronic beats ensures a filled dance floor and a cheerful party mood. His personal favorite tracks are on an electronic basis like Tech House or Melodic House & Techno, playing them as BLACKBEARD in the underground scene. The best thing you can do is to join him on one of his Gigs and journeys to dive in that kind of music experience. Enjoy and feel good.

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Book FILIPE SANTOS, also known as LYAM CRUZ and BLACKBEARD for the next Event, your Club, Wedding or Festival.

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